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This is the dope shizz thread. You post what you think is dope. Isn't that how it goes?

Show me one any other scene with more originality and diversity than the Volkswagen scene--you won't. What's so spectacular about the scene is how many different approaches & styling themes are taken to a single chassis and how successful they are pulled off.

I simply don't understand how so many people come in here and criticize what they see, and yet, don't even contribute to the thread. Post what YOU think is dope and the thread moves on. Don't like what you see because it doesn't agree with your tastes? Well, seems like you probably don't appreciate the car scene as a whole. Diversity is good, whether extreme or not. Ideas stem from ideas. You can hate a single car so much, but one simple thing about the car sparks an idea. Give AND take--that's the name of the game.

“All ideas are basically stolen. Even if you have a thought that you think is original, it’s not because it came from somewhere or was inspired by something. All ideas are spawned from another idea and changed and progressed into what it becomes.” -LOGO DESIGN GURU

i hate vw's as much as the next guy but you do have a point and i admire that about the vw scene
1 - 10 of 17163 Posts
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