Doep Sh*tzzz!

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I know all of you read more than just one automotive board. Let's post up all those dope pics of cars that are saved in your computer. Regardless of make or style. If you think it's sweet, then post it up. I'll start.

Miata content.
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I'd expect this thread to be hoppin', what with SEMA going on right now.

1984 Mugen CRX prototype:

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I always hated those Mugen wheels.

That villa with the grass/pavement hybrid driveway is jaw slacking
They're so ugly I like them. They're from a time when rice actually had some basis in cool techie race car stuff.
I'd rock'em...if I had an NA.
oh shhhheeeeiiittt is that a single turbo for each cylinder???
that rex is off the hook thx
Holy. Fucking. ****.

And this. I have no information on it, but I wish I did.

It's a Mitsubishi Evo engine fitted with what is essentially 4 Smart Car turbos. It was done by Owen Developments in the UK as a small showcase for what sort of things they could do, although it was never intended to actually power a car IIRC. Worked though. Looks like the photo was taken on their stand at an Autosport International, they usually have it there.

(Owens is the company Mitsubishi got to make all the FQs for them, look up the MR400 v Murcielago Top Gear on YouTube, I guess it's on there)
^ moar pics of your car, post them somewhere... i want to see the green wheels lol
^ I'd give my right nut for that motor
let me kick your left nut, and I'll post more pics of it.
peter probably wouldn't accept human body parts anyway, atleast i hope not

This car speaks for itself
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^^^ that car is nuts!!!
5981 - 6000 of 17163 Posts
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