Doep Sh*tzzz!

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I know all of you read more than just one automotive board. Let's post up all those dope pics of cars that are saved in your computer. Regardless of make or style. If you think it's sweet, then post it up. I'll start.

Miata content.
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Dopest things on this page: everything. But especially the boom-box. Where the breakdancers at?

Dan's car gets props too. Those wheels.... No words...
I always loved that gen Legacy GT. Tis a pity that they have 165hp though.
This makes me want one soooooo bad. Im really up for selling my rex and picking up one of these now.
i seen odd plates and what looks like and expensive city and i put two and two together.. but 'eh whatever.
6781 - 6800 of 17163 Posts
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