Doep Sh*tzzz!

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I know all of you read more than just one automotive board. Let's post up all those dope pics of cars that are saved in your computer. Regardless of make or style. If you think it's sweet, then post it up. I'll start.

Miata content.
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I dont think you'd want to look like Steve Buscemi...
Only a real man can go ask mr. Pink
Nice work, That7guy!

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An exocet with Kumho ASTs on front?

cant drive on hoosier R6 every day :)
This is what it looks like whenever I meet up with my friends. **** ton of FDs and 1 lonely miata
E46 M3 build is back at our shop from the cage fabricator. Off to paint shortly. FIA World Challenge spec 12 pt cage with integrated strut/shock tower bracing. Going to look great painted.

Other goodies arrived. Motion Control Suspension triples, couple dozen Yoko non dot R super softs, BMW motorsport control arms, Diffsonline 3 clutch variable ramp competition lsd with 3.91 final drive, spherical bearings galore, GC tie rod/bump steer kit, Bimmerworld CF roof/wing, CF dash, Alcon 6 piston front bbk, CF hood, trunk, and front skin, CF intake plenum and exhaust hand me downs from the Stammer Inc. NASA 25 Hour THILL 3rd place car, probably more I'm missing. :p Build is shaping up nicely.

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12741 - 12760 of 17163 Posts
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