Door lights stuck on/ door stuck ajar

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basically, my courtesy/map lights are stuck on and i know that its because my car thinks that the door is ajar. i can't lock my car because my alarm tells me my door is open. i tried pushing in the plunger on both sides of the door and neither of them seem to do the trick and the only red wire i see protruding out of them seem perfectly fine. google was ****. anyone encounter this problem before? it would mean a lot to hear your input. thanks cr
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You're probably grounding out somewhere else then. If you don't do a lot of wiring, then I'm gonna guess it's around your alarm under the dash. Most of the installs I've seen rely on vampire clips. Those are usually a crapshoot and after a good amount of vibration may start chewing through the wire. Had a similar problem before. Try just looking under the dash and wiggling some of the wires around, see if anything flickers.
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