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taken from lookoutdrift forum...

[quote name='jawbreaker' date='Jan 5 2007, 08:29 AM' post='73291']

^^^ Click Image To Enlarge ^^^
In lou of Valentine's Day, Drift411's presents:
Drift411's "Dérive 411 d'amour"
[?Day-reeve. four eleven. dah-more"]
All day drifting practice event at:
Greenville's Municipal Stadium (Greenville Braves Stadium)
One Braves Avenue
Greenville, SC 29607

Image of venue:

February 3rd, 2007
Registration & Tech: 7:30am - 8:30am
Mandatory Driver's Meeting: 8:30am - 9:00am (DO NOT BE LATE IF YOU PLAN ON DRIVING)
Cars on Track: 9:00am - Dark

Pre-registration = $60.00 Deadline is Midnight Thursday, February 1st.
Late Registration = $100.00
Event Day = $125.00
*When pre-registering, please do not include the passenger payment with the driver payment.

50% discount for Female Drivers:
registration balance sponsored by
The following prices are for female drivers only!

Pre-registration = $30.00 Deadline is Midnight Thursday, February 1st.
Late Registration = $60.00
Event Day = $100.00
*When pre-registering, please do not include the passenger payment with the driver payment.

Spectators are $5.00 all day. Pay at the gate *cash only*
Children 12 & under are free.
Passengers are $10.00 at the gate. *cash only* valid all day. HELMET REQUIRED and NOT PROVIDED
You can pre-register** by:
(a.)clicking the "buy now" button above
(b.)sending the appropriate amount via PayPal to [email protected]
(c.)sending payment in the form of a cashier's check or money order to:
Chad Copeland
6731 Park Ave
Milton, FL. 32570
(please mail payment in advance with adequate travel time prior to pre-registration deadline).
(c.)you can register at the track on the day of the event. If you choose the latter, however, you are not guaranteed a spot and will also be charged an event day penalty. Only pre-registered drivers are guaranteed a spot.


* There will be a 50 DRIVER MAX, To make sure that everyone gets PLENTY of seat time. Once we reach the 50 DRIVER LIMIT THAT'S IT.
* ALL DRIVERS NEED TO ARRIVE BETWEEN 7:30-8:15AM. If you are paid and do not arrive by 8:15AM, your registration will not be accepted. This will be 100% enforced.
* Event is rain or shine.
* Please have all required forms printed, completed and in hand at the time of registration.(see below)
* Review Drift411's Competition Rules and Rugulations prior to registering.
* You must be 18 to drive by yourself. If you are a licensed driver under 18 and would like to participate, you must have a parent or guardian present with ID to sign the minor waiver.Maximum number of drivers for the practice session is 50.
* A valid state issued driver's license will be required when checking in at the event registration booth.
For a complete list of the 2007 practice/compitition rules, please download the 2007 Drift411 Competition Rules and Regulations (CRR)** from the following link:
Drift411's CCR [PDF]

Required Forms:
Tech Inspection [PDF]
Driver Bio [PDF]
Waiver [PDF]
NASA Minor Waiver [PDF] (if applicable)
7:00AM Facility Opens
7:30AM - 8:15AM Registration and Driver Check In
7:30AM - 8:30AM Technical Inspections
8:30AM - Mandatory Driver Meeting
9:00AM - Practice Sessions Begin
6:00PM - Event is Over
7:00PM - Facilty Closes

Driver Instruction leading up to drivers' meeting:
* Please take your car in the paddock area and prep your car for inspection.
* Then form a single file line at the start box (on track) to be tech inspected, leave your inspection sheet on your windshield.
* While your car is being inspected please go to registration, here you will sign in and turn in your waiver. You will receive your car number and wrist band.
* Once you have completed with registration and your car has completed tech inspection, you can take one 10-15 mph parade lap on the track in your car. Speed limit will be strictly enforced and if violated you will not be allowed to participate in your first session on the track.
* Return to the paddock area and wait for the drivers meeting.
**Passengers should be paid for at the registration table where they will be receive their wristband.
This event will cater to both beginner and advanced drivers along with high and/or low horsepower vehicles.
We will rotate up to 5 groups of 10 drivers throughout the 9 hour event. Each driver will complete 5laps per session and can expect atleast 8 sessions equaling 40+ runs.
Track surface is very good (Grade: B- ) with slight elevation changes.
The venue size is approx. 225,000 sq. ft. so this allows us lots of room to work with.
Grounds speed limit is 10 mph and the paddock speed limit is 5mph, both will be strictly enforced. Failure to obey this and all other rules will result in dismissal from the event and loss of all entry fees.
Restaurants and gas stations are near by, but be sure to bring plenty of tires, water, food, etc...
For a satelitte image of the venue, please click here.
All media applications must be submitted at least 1 week prior to the event and can be completed via the following link:
Drift411 2007 Media Credential Application - Practice [Word Doc]
Fill out and email to [email protected] and/or [email protected] atleast one week prior to the event.

All media related individuals must be at least 18 years of age, wear closed toed shoes, be accompanied by a spotter, and have signed all necessary waivers prior to gaining access on track. They must follow all rules set forth by the venue and Drift411; in addition to obeying all event officials, course workers, and venue personnel. Drift411 reserves the right to deny or revoke media passes at any given time. All persons receiving a media pass must follow all officials, venue, and event rules regarding safety and procedures.

Event Sponsors:
Project Girl Drifter
Cool Cat Racing
Gran Turismo East
US Drift
US Drift Association
National Auto Sport Association (NASA)

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yeah there is... its always a hoot when im in maryland. heh~ uhm~ check usdrift and stuff. everyone should come out to GTlive this year!! or Hyperfest!!!

if youll be at this event then dont forget to say hi and hang out with meeeeeee ;o)

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the only event closeby is the Hyperfest Drift practice in the Camden Yards parking lot. I went last year and it was a great learning experience. Still that's the only event here in MD. Hyperfest is WV.

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ok well stick to you hot import nights and lingerie fashion car shows at night clubs and navy and whatever md has.

so whats a little drive huh? makes for a good stories.

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im registered and ready to go... any of you all comin down to hang or drive?
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