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i guess now that i've actually started to make some progress i'll post this up here.

i want to build a drift car to compete in thunder drift pro/am 2012. that car will be an infiniti q45.


transmission/diff stuff:
-wilwood 5/8ths remote combination master cylinder
-wilwood brake/clutch pedal swing forward
-z32 tt 5-spd tranny
-vh power z32 adapter plate
-6 puc clutch and lightened flywheel
-nismo tranny mount
-ams short shifter
-z1 ss clutch line
-spl solid diff mounts
-ams short shifter
-z1 stainless steel clutch line
-shimmed vlsd (for now)

-bc racing coilovers 18/16k
-pbm ruca
-pbm tension rods
-spl hicas eliminator
-spl outer tie rods
-spl solid subframe bushings

-vh power 2 way ecu
-straight pipe
-bee*r revlimiter
-cam regrind
-heavier valve springs
-connecting rods
-supercharger (way future)

-bride zetta II
-techno toy tuning shift knob
-pbm hydraulic e-brake
-s13 hub and nrg short quick release
-"deep dish jdm" woodgrain steering wheel w/old school nissan horn button
-add-on-to-able fd-spec 6-pt cage with door bars

-modified bn sport aero
-jdm headlights

-ssr vienna kairos 18x9.5 +9, 19x10 +4

-yokohama s-drive 225/40r18
-mayrun 235/35r19

started off like:

awesome sticker! crazy meth heads...

then the wheels came

made it super donked out hahaha

last night some frands came over and helped me pull the overly complicated front suspension off and replace it with the lighter, much more sensible s14 front suspension. shed about 100lbs off the front end.

poser picture for good measure

more to come soon. stay tuned.

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Saw that camber pic with you in it floating around on Tumblr earlier today.. Looks like a fun build

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thanks people

Arnt you the kid on Bmx-forum?

EDIT: Just saw ur bike in the corner so its most likely you haha.

I like. Make go sidewise right meow!!!
i knooooow!!! waiting for space in my buddy's shop to open up so we can do the tranny swap and then it'll be slidey time!

do these come in a manual ? it would be a cool daily
nope. gotta get an adapter plate and 300zx transmission plus the clutch/lines/cmc and have a drive shaft made.

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I christen it, "The Driffton Valdez". This may be the biggest sedan I've ever seen drift.

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the rear fenders on this car are a BITCH to pull. i was gentle and took my time (8 hours), but the quarter panels told me to **** off and dimpled anyway. glad i'm going on vacation for two weeks tomorrow. i'm exhausted.

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