East Bear Sports

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New headlight surrounds, i'm surprised this hadn't been attempted until now.

Also surprised at the price, 30,000 yen
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Their seats rock. Me and Joe got a test drive in them. Very comfy, even for big american bottom. d('_'d)

Joe's trying to find some people to buy a set so we can save on shipping. He REALLY wants some for his miata. They also have these rails that let you bolt-in FD seats in a miata.

Delicious leather ;_;
east bear kicks ass.
rev9 can get thier products.
i find the east bear seat is nice, but the bottom is too narrow.
If rev9 can get a set of light bezels I would be very interested as long as they could ship to the UK. Have sent them an email.
Which leather seats are you referring to? All I see in their site are cloth racing seats... :?:
I know not everyone wants a racing seat in their Miata. Some are just looking for a sportier seat upgrade for their street car. However, I imagine building a seat with no harness slots will limit its appeal in the marketplace where many people want a dual-capable street/track car.
Doesn't really look safe, the seatbelts wouldn't hold your hips unless you're a fatty like me and then you couldn't fit in it anyway.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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