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Hey All,

First off, Great Site.
Nice to know there are others out there that appreciate the NA/NB/NC Roadsters.

I bought my Miata new in 1994. A Brilliant Black C pack with the hard top. After 12 years of having a basically stock interior/exterior, I am looking to makes some changes.
I also have a Nissan S13 240sx, which I have been able to find tons of exterior JDM parts for. Since working on that ride, I am now venturing into some JDMness for my Miata.
I have done some stuff to the car over the years?

Koni adjustable shocks
Racing Beat sway bars
Factory 1999 front Strut Brace (yes, it will fit with the that Big ABS unit)
Hard Dog Fabrication polished stainless steel hard bar

Racing Beat Header
Racing Beat Power Pulse exhaust
Goodwin Racing Monster Flow carbon fiber intake with HKS SPF air cleaner
C?s short throw shifter
Slotted/drilled rotors
Every oil change with Mobil 1 synthetic since 2nd oil change

Factory front Lip Spoiler
Factory Rear Mud Guards
Autoblaze Fuel Lid
Black Altezza tail lights (look sweet with the black exterior)
I also have a pair of Runabout M2 Mirrors purchased recently from Metro MotorSports, but still have to install

Tan Leather shift boot/brake handle cover
BSP chrome shifter ring
AWD A/C plate with chrome fan ring
AWD version MS gauges (I bought them six years ago from AWD directly with the A/C plate, and am trying to get around to finally installing them)
Moss wood & leather wheel ? a gift from my sweetie not installed yet
Factory NB 5 speed Nardi wood shift knob
Factory Wood brake handle
Factory Miata sill plates
Lighted rear view mirror
After-market console lights (mialites) in black ? only color they offered way back when
After-market trunk lights ? mount in rear above spare, descent light via a switch

I am currently having my tan door panels modified at a local upholstery shop to look like the JDM 1800~NA door panels, so they will look OK (less dorky) with the factory Stainless Speaker Trim Covers attached to them. Basically, it is extra vinyl trim around the area where the Speaker Trim Cover goes. I attached a pic that will better explain what I am having done:
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