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Hello All,

I have been lurking, reading and enjoying Clubroadster for almost two years now and and it's about time I introduced myself.

I have been in Japan for seven years now and am an enthusiastic owner of a 2001 Emerald Mica NB. I live near Yokohama, 45 years old, male and married. Originally come from Germany.

On weekends I usually meet like minded Roadster friends here and go touring with them. Though my Japanese is not great, we seem to get along just fine since we share the same passion for our cars. I also attend many of the big meetings here, so much fun.

My roadster started out as a stock used car with 40.000 miles on the clock. The more I learned from friends, Clubroadster and other forums, the more I began modifying, mostly performance and handling mods. I quickly realized that Japan is truly a great place when it comes to aftermarket support.

Well, have a look for yourself and I hope to make new friends on this forum as well.

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