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Well let me introduce myself, I'm Freddy. I've owned a 1991 240sx and it was a bunch of fun but the maintenance was getting a bit tired some. So I got rid of it. It was a sad day because she was a beauty.

On February 2013, 95 NA Montego Blue miata (hence my username). I loved the Miata platform so much and she was a bunch of fun. I bought her 15x8 Enkei 92 wheels and upgraded the suspension to some used Apexi N1 Coilovers which worked fine. I did a full tune up on her like every car I get. The previous owner did replace the water pump and timing belt with a bunch of other maintenance. It was rock solid car.

I've kept it like that for a while or say 6 months, but I kept eyeing the NB Miata so much more and I felt that although I loved the platform I wasn't indulged and in loving the NA miata. So I've got the chance to sale the NA Miata for a really good price, I was still going back and fourth if I should have sold it or not, I still loved the car for how reliable and fun she was.

I bit the bullet when I saw a completely Stock Emerald Green Mica NB Miata. I fell in love with just the posting. The guy had it in mint condition and it came with a oem black hardtop. I was just a little skeptical with the 170k mileage but I just kept loving the car. So I sold my NA miata scrapped up some extra cash to get this 2000 NB LS Miata. When I went to go pick up the car, the Miata looked 20920390324 times better in person. It had the lip, sides skirts, hard top spolier, and duck tail. All in amazing condition. She started right up and the interior was a major upgrade to the NA. The car pulled beautifully and shifted amazing. The guy was pretty cool. He was a graduate Nurse from Cal Poly and he was selling the car because he just bought himself a 2012 toyota tacoma trd edition, plus he has had the car since 2008. The guy and his fianace seemed like a good set of educated individuals. We signed the paperwork, he gave me a beer. We talked about Breaking Bad and Game Of Thrones. And rode on my new NB Emerald Mica Miata. I was so happy with it and still am.

On August 2013 I picked it up, I showed it to my girlfriend and she loved it. I felt the NB miata needed a name and we settled on Emma. It fits her perfectly.

Being a Full time college student and a part-time warehouse worker, was a bit difficult to source out parts for it but I already knew I wanted a simple but solid build for her, just so I won't be having to fix up or change up things just because I didn't spend those couple extra hundred dollars.

As I love being in mountain roads, going out to the track, and I would like to start doing some auto x. I felt I needed a good platform and tasteful mods. I want function and some form, I know its a bit pricey but i'm willing to be broke for me to achieve the certain platform I want Emma to be.

Emma's spec list how I bought her
2000 LS Miata
4.3 LSD
Oem Hardtop
New Belts
New Cat
Power Steering
Power Windows
Nardi Steering wheel
Brand new falkens 205/50/15's
Viper alarm system
Kick ass Sound system
and wait for it.....
ABS!!! ( Which I read around that it was an 800 dollar upgrade from the dealers)

This is Emma's First list when I started.
15x8 Konig Flatouts
Tein Flex Coilovers
RB or FM front sway bar
2.5 Inch Catback exhaust
K&N intake
Aftermarket bucket seats
Upgraded Rotors
Upgraded Brake Pads

Emma's First maintenance list
Mobil 1 Full Synthetic
Bosh oil filter
Ngk iridium spark plugs

Now for the pictures!

My 1991 240sx Aka Kendra

My 1995 NA Miata Aka Lindsey

079 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

This is Emma the Great

002.1 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

015_2 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

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Well I have a major update since the last time I've posted on my build thread. First off Emma has gotten a new clutch, shoes, suspension, and ect. Lol. Well I purchased the konig flatouts on October. I managed to source out a set near a local tire/rim dealer out in Ontario, California and I must say I got an amazing deal from him. I was looking to order a set from good-win-racing but they would have came out $120 dollars more and I would have to wait for shipping and.... I kinda don't like waiting or forking up more money than I should.

IMG_20140119_2323431 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

Also I saved up a bit and found some Tein flex coilovers for sale except they didn't come with any top hats, so I just used my NB top hats

IMG_20131228_1106351 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

My girlfriend got me an 2.5 inch catback Artech exhaust as a Christmas present and I want to thank her for it, she is pretty awesome (thanks babe) that we got from a member on here. The packaging the guy did was great and the fitment of the exhaust was fucking precise and it sounds amazing. I love it. I also feel that my car flows better with the Carb legal K&N short ram intake which I got for a stupid low price from a local sale.

CAM002921 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

I had the flatouts and coilovers sit in my closet for a month before I installed anything. I had the wheels installed first and I was riding stock height with my flatouts until my clutch took a **** on me. It took me about 3 days to replace the clutch and look what I found

CAM003551 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

the throwout bearing was complete **** and the entire clutch setup, so I replaced it with an OEM Exedy clutch replacement

IMG_20131212_1117041 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

and I guess one of the transmission bolts were really stuck on there and broke this

IMG_20131209_1346121 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

I also replace the transmission fluid with Mobil 1 75-90 and it shifts like butter. I was looking what people always rave about with redline and motorcraft but I needed something from the self that was good enough and the gearing has much improved with the new clutch set up and transmission fluid.

After the new clutch I installed my Tein flex coilovers and it took me and my friend about 4 hours to do the entire set up and just to put it out there. The top bolt method is a blessing! Lol. It took us that long to adjust the coilovers accordingly. I love how it sits but i love how much better it handles. It compliments the 15x8 rims with the tein flex coilovers and the 205/50 tires just give it that extra umph. I'm planning on tracking the car over at Adams or local auto x events pretty soon, just to see how i'll do. I'm more of a sprinted canyon driver and I did Adams with my NA miata and I'm edger to see how my NB performs.

Next on to the list will be the pads and rotors. I went with stoptech high performance pads from reading good reviews from them and also the price for the front and rear was only 82 dollars. I'll also be getting blank rotors from Napa next week and i'll install the rotors and pads that same day.

Here are the pads and all I'm waiting on are the rotors

IMG_3713 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

I also bought 440 gram spun shift knob recently which feels so much better than the stock and the extra weight gives it a much precise throw. I highly recommend it for anyone who's looking for a weighted knob plus I also love the finish on it.

IMG_3653 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

Thats it for now. I'm very satisfied how the car sits and feels right now. My next plans for the car will be a rollbar and some bucket seats, after that save up for a Flying miata turbo kit but thats going to be a while. I'll be updating my thread more often if I happen to pick up things here and there.

Here are some pictures I took today as I went on a cruise.

IMG_3662 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

IMG_3697 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

IMG_3704 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

IMG_3677 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

IMG_3675 by f.munoz00, on Flickr
Also anybody from the Inland Empire who wants to go out for a cruise or just have a meet, i'll be interested in that.

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IMG_20140126_1114151 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

I replaced the brake pads and rotors last week. I ended up getting duralast rotors since NAPA were out of stock and had to special order them. Well it didn't take me much to replace the rotors and the pads it only took me about 1 hour and 30 mins. Since i've been driving with the new stop tech brake pads and new rotors the car stops on a dime now. I love the new pads I haven't experienced any brake fade from my spirited canyon driving and compared to the shitty rotors and pads it had before than it is an amazing upgrade. I would recommend the stop tech pads for their street/track use and for the price. The only con about them is they do dust quite a bit. Besides that i'm a happy camper.

IMG_3659 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

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An other semi big update list. Well since i've been pretty stumped with being a full time college student and working full time its been kinda hard to really make time to modify the car. But since in my spare time I always scan through the facebook fourms, craigslist, clubroadster,, and miataturbo for parts I've got myself a boss frog double hoop roll bar for a really stupid good price localish in socal. I had to bargain with the guy with the price but the end he ended up settling with the price I've put out with. The bar did come with the padding, brackets, and hardware. I picked it up that night in the miata and made it fit in my passenger seat. Lol.

My friend frank with an NB1 as well very kindly agreed to help me with the rollbar installation since he's already done it a few times with hard dogs but never a boss frog double hoop and we both thought it would be a cake walk but.... unfortunately that wasn't the case. Lol. I think the only major issue we had was the alignment of the rollbar everything was straight forward.

The day of the pick up

20140302_210255 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

The day of the installation with my bud frank the tank lol

20140315_114016 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

20140315_114012 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

20140315_113957 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

A pleasant saturday

20140315_172415 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

Test fitting my hardtop and just putting my wheels next to his car. Not a bad look. Lol.

20140315_120601 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

A couple of hanger 24's

IMG_20140315_123259 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

20140315_134209 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

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I picked up an OEM valve cover gasket, NGK spark plug wires, and cas o ring at the project G meet. I wanted to replace my valve cover gasket because it would leak a bit from there and I also went with the NGK wire's because I just felt it was due for a replacement plus it did take away a slight hesitation Emma had. I also got tired of looking at my dirty ass engine bay, so when I replaced the gasket. I picked up a can of wrinkle black valve cover paint at vatozone and gave it 4 coats. The new coat of paint on the cover and a nice little clean up of the engine bay makes me feel 1002390239x better about lifting up my hood now. Also sorry about the wack heat shield I made under 5 mins while waiting for my girlfriend to get ready for a date a while back. Lol.


IMG_3694 by f.munoz00, on Flickr


20140316_133129 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

I also got some stickers at the meet and got myself a shirt from a member on clubroadster which I think its pretty sick.

20140317_125729 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

I look back at my list when I first got the car and all I really need left is the bucket seats. But i'll be picking up a NB2 exhaust manifold and Megasquirt PNP ecu down the road. For right now I'm pretty pleased with my NB :hello kitty:

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Great job! How do you like the double hoop roll bar setup? I have heard it is one of the most difficult/pain to install. I need a roll bar ASAP. Keep up the great work! :icon_cheers:

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Thanks for the compliments guys. It has come a long way from when I first got it. The double hoop for me it was difficultish even with someone who has already installed rollbars. The only thing that does require effort is aligning everything properly. Besides that everything else is straight forward. I love it. It really does make the car much more stiffer since it does bolt up to 6 points on the chassis

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Guess what bitches? You thought I was done sourcing out fucking parts? Well unfortunately my dumbass seems to keep buying parts! Regardless how many times I tell myself I'm done.

Lets start off with the Enthuza AxleBack exhaust I ended up getting from a member I got from here. It's the budget series from what I could tell. My previous artec exahust I had was amazing but I had to sell it due for me paying some stuff at the time and it was a bit too loud for daily driving. So I searched for good sounding exhausts and of course Enthuza kept popping out, so BAM. I got this fucking Axleback because I was tired of hearing fucking silence on my stock exhaust.
20140521_225946 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

I started wanting a bit more NA power from my NB. I kept reading that the 99-00 NB's had the shittist exhaust manifolds that Mazda ever produced for any miata. I kept reading reviews just replacing them with NB2 manifolds would be an upgrade. But I said **** that. I want real ebay headers! So I got ebay OBX 4-2-1 headers over the 4-1 because I wanted a better mid-range power. Did I have clearance issues? You bet your fucking tits I did. Was it a struggle? Was the Vietnam War a walk in the park? Would I recommend the 4-2-1's? No. I would have gone with the 4-1's because it seems there's a lot less hassle with the 4-1's than the 4-2-1's. But did I feel a difference? **** yea I did. It seems like my NB has a completely different power band with these headers on. Was it worth it? For 180 dollars for such a notable difference on my NB1, you bet your first born son on that ****, it was. Mind you I do have a Short-ram intake, axleback exhaust, and the headers. All I have to do is get rid of this rattle I have with them and they'll be perfect. The other day I got off from work I raced my co-workers Rsx base model. We're both slow but I still would've thought the rsx's K20 would have blasted me out of the water but to my surprise we were neck to neck on each other. Yes he's was a stick shift and we both had an okay launch. So heh. Suck it. :hello kitty:

20140524_141724 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

20140524_141716 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

After we were done installing the headers, my friend and I washed our cars and enjoyed some brew. He has one clean S13, I must say.

10275971_646563475397154_6160279577167252581_n by f.munoz00, on Flickr

I also picked up Nitto Neo Gens 205/50's. Do I like them? No. I love them for what they are. Grip is there. Its always there just like that wart on your finger. Also got my car aligned and I guess my toe was completely off.
10297614_650330738353761_6228102010884541882_n by f.munoz00, on Flickr

Did my oil change because guess what? I do 5000 miles in 3 months. Can you say **** mileage! I also wash my car with mothers because I trust anyone with a mother. Even Hitler.

IMG_20140523_103550 by f.munoz00, on Flickr]

I also went to Adams for the first time since I raced it when it was stock. Last time I got 56's now with my new set up my best time ended up being 52.18. Got better time than the 350z that was in front of me. I'm aiming for 48-49's by the end of june.

10402633_656526411067527_4631462930997314554_n by f.munoz00, on Flickr

Random picture

IMG_20140529_083812 by f.munoz00, on Flickr

For what I have done and how my car handles and feels. I love it. Next mods will be a Nardi 330mm wheel or a personal and a bucket seats or cloth nb2 seats. I hate sliding around in stock LS seats. Till next time :hello kitty:

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You had to dent the transmission tunnel? :dunno: I had to on my NB1 for the Raceland not because it didn't fit but it rattled some times idling, I hate noises that shouldn't exist. I too was satisfied with the $185 for the Raceland header and the butt dyno results, will probably get another Raceland for my NA8. Car is looking good! :)

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You had to dent the transmission tunnel? :dunno: I had to on my NB1 for the Raceland not because it didn't fit but it rattled some times idling, I hate noises that shouldn't exist. I too was satisfied with the $185 fir the Raceland header and the butt dyno results, will probably get another Raceland for my NA8. Car is looking good! :)
At the time I didn't realize I would have such a rattle until everything was already on, and right now i'm bearing with it until I have time to dent the transmission tunnel. If it keeps on persisting i'm just going to go with the 4-1 Obx headers since they seem to have zero clearance issues from what I've been reading from various forms. I just kinda regret not going 4-1 from the start. Lol.

Also i'm jealous of your fatcat coilovers! Haha. Your car is minty fresh. With your new suspension set up, you should feel as if its a better refined miata. Good work and sexy M edition. : 3gears:
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