Engine bogged and died!

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I am hoping one of you has had this same problem, or possibly knows what it is.

My car died today in the middle of a intersection. I left the light, shifted to second and steped on the gas. Instead of going, the motor just hesitated. Kind of like it was really bogged down. I rolled to a stop and the idle just kept going from almost nothing to 2500 rpms. When I touched the gas it would just bog down. It finally died. I started it up a few times only to have the same thing happen. Finally, after looking around under the hood for a minute I got back in the car and started it up. It ran fine. No trouble at all. Drove it home with no other problems.

Backgound on the engine: It has 213k miles, all stock but the air filter. I am running 18 degrees timing, 89 gas. It does not knock and runs like a champ. I was thinking clogged fuel filter, but I am looking for opinions before I just start changing parts. Thanks!
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When was the last time you changed your fuel filter?
My car did that once, turned out it was the honeycomb in the stock catalytic converter, it was old a brittle, pieces started falling apart and blocking the exhaust flow.
is 18 degrees a little high for 89? anyways i have has similar problems, mine however would bog until it was above 3k rpm, it ended up being a loose spark plug wire, so maybe its time to replace yours or at least check them
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