Engine Idle Flux Questions 2

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Hey to all again! I am still having a idle flux issue over the last couple of months. I have posted about this topic before and am appreciative of all your comments and suggestions BUT have yet to find a solution.

Things I have tried:
-popstoys' cleaning and readjusting of the 'ten pin'
-cleaning and disassembling the throttle body and upper intake plenum
-resetting the car (negative and positive battery cable)
-tune up with ngk plugs and factory wires
-air filter
-fuel filter

I have noticed while cold, the idle flux starts up while stopping or when reving the motor and letting the motor catch reg idle. I have also noticed even while warm, WHEN LIGHTS AND BLOWER MOTOR are on, the revs drop and re-pick up. When I turn the lights off and the power draw is less, the cars idle does not flux.

What do you think? Maybe not a IAC or TPS... maybe a battery or bad alternator?

Please advise me on what to do next....

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^ Wow. good job op. That's awesome to hear. What were the symptoms and how do they differ from a failing O2 sensor?
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