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whats up guys, got two questions, etc etc, and the search doesnt work for me for some reason

-sorta noticing the smell from the exhaust, im prob running to lean i guess, to much air to fuel, maybe. just was wondering why, and i duno if running racing beat, headers+exhaust makes any difference, or it could be my timing, just wanna see if i can fix that

-and occasionally my engine somewhat bogs, and dips down in rpm, and then comes back up, occured after i installed the jackson intake, i was just wondering whats that problem too. -thanks

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it will help alot if you tell us the year of the car...

if it's an NB... idle droop is a common problem.... there are many theories as to what causes it and as many fixes...

as for the smell from the exhaust....

what exactly is the smell???? does it smell like fuel???? Is it a sweet smell???? is it accompanied by smoke????

Most likely you are not running lean at idle....
Give me some more info and I, or someone else should be able to help out!
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