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This is a PRE-ORDER Introductory Group Buy.

1/18 update - These have started to be in stock and can ship as soon as we reach 5 orders!

Today's Flavors:
15x7" 4 x 100 +38 offset BLACK center
15x7" 4 x 100 +38 offset SILVER center
15x8" 4 x 100 +25 offset BLACK center
15x8" 4 x 100 +25 offset SILVER center
(0 offset only available in 4x114.3)


7" - 16.8lbs | 8" - 17.7lbs

Minimum Sets Needed: 5
Group Buy End Date: 2/13 Why so early? We want to get you guys locked in early to be first in line when they ship.


If you are interested, please PM us with your name, email address, and address and we will get you a shipping quote and / or official estimate. By default can only ship to the billing address of your credit card or Paypal, there are ways around it that we can discuss. We ship via UPS with a tracking number.

My name is Mike and I will be handling this group buy.
[email protected]
Phone: 215.489.2820 Ext 303

1.) furiousbob
2.) StreetRat16

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+25 fits hondas better which is my guess as to likely why.. if they see good sales in the other classics line why change from a manufacturing standpoint.. but i agree.. 8j with a +15-0et would be nice.
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