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You will not see this complete collection again anytime soon....I have decided to put up for sale a very special collection of Japanese magazines including the full collection of Road&Ster (issues 1-58) as well as the full collection of Eunos (Mazda) Roadster as well as several issues of AiR. Needless to say, these were all stored for years in the Blue Potato vault and some even carried back from Japan. I am looking for these to go to a good home and not easy for me to put up for sale. I am also very comfortable to keep these and not sell as they are becoming more rare.

Please note, these issues are expensive regardless of new or used, so the price I am asking is considerably discounted because of the bulk purchase - and prices are firm. I will not split any of these up individually unfortunately and only selling in the 3 separate allotments below. All issues are in great shape for their age...Issue #1 of R&S is in very good shape, but it is the first issue of the entire series and therefore will have some slight creases on corner pages, etc. Please let me know if you would like more pics.

Also, magazines are heavy in bulk and shipping will need to be calculated based on your location and may need a few boxes - especially for the R&S collection.

1) Entire ROAD&STER Print Run - Issues #1 - #58, 58 issues total (note: there are two #39 in the pics below and one stays with me as my Blue Potato was featured in that issue) - $1100.00




2) Eunos (and Mazda) Roadster special issues (plus single issue of "I Love NA6 & NA8 Roadster"), 13 issues total - $375.00



3) AiR issues (extremely rare), 5 issues total - $150.00



Thank you again for your consideration and the Blue Potato also thanks you all for keeping the Roadster dream alive.


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Best of luck in the sale. Its always nice to see you check in.

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