eunos key blank

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I saw these on a Japanese yahoo auction site. I could not read ****.
Anybody possibly able to get them? Or know where to find them? (Please do not post Japan). NOT quite as nice as my S13 metal nismo key, but it IS eunos...
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jk :)

I don't know but I wouldn't mind having one.
Yeah, those look pretty good even if they are subtle. I saw some pics of those on ebay along with the roadster script keychain.

I asked the seller about the blank but he didn't know where to get them either. Besides probably Japan..hehe. Not really much of a help but I'd rock them.
Mazda Japan no longer stocks them. I got mine from Super AutoBacs Tokyo. That was a year ago and i think i may have got the last one?

They guys that have them on YJP want too much from them, almost $40, i think i paid $8 USD for mine. But considering they are out of production, i guess they can ask whatever price they want.

Me likey... May have to get one of eBay ones... even if it isn't a Mazda piece.
27akademiks -

I saw the same e-bay auction and luckily read the whole thing B4 I jumped at it.
Still would be nice to get a hold of.
We need a damned eunos fairy (no ****)!
Doh! Glad I saw your post an re-read the auction!!
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