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Update: Part 1
So it’s been roughly 10 months since the last update, I’ve had a busy few months: new job, wedding, honeymoon.....Mazda time was at a premium. The mighty project 52 performed without any major flaws in that time. Post wedding it was put up in the air for a while to get some maintenance carried out, but other than that it's been fettling here and there as it's used as my daily.

So where to start:

Car was given a fresh service: new oil (fully synth 0W40), NGK spark Plugs, K&N Oil Filter.
IMG_20181222_230218 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

Roddison Pads, Goodridge Braided Lines, DOT4 Brake Fluid, new hardware and replacement front callipers.
IMG_20190111_221118 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

Also changed the clutch line for a braided unit, giving the fluid a much needed change.
IMG_20190108_182029 by Scott Reid, on Flickr
The standard clutch line is stupidly long!
IMG_20190108_193901 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

Whilst brakes/clutch were being freshened up, I rust treated inside the arches and painted with Hammerite, while I waited for some parts to arrive to finish the brakes.
IMG_20190116_210726 by Scott Reid, on Flickr
IMG_20190117_220014 by Scott Reid, on Flickr
Fitted a hardtop spoiler from Facebook group, always loved the look.
IMG_20190126_172340 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

My Panasports weren’t holding air and with the car being off the road for a few weeks I was getting fed up having to pump them up every week. So in a moment of sheer brilliance I thought I’d get some second hand wheels. They were Rota Grid 15”x7J ET15 with budget tyres. Brilliant I thought, until I found one wheel didn’t hold air and needed repaired.
IMG_20190125_172013 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

Unfortunately, the repair place couldn’t do polished lips so they got a colour change (funded by the sale of a few parts I hadn’t quite fitted yet). But on the plus side the budget tyres aren’t budget and have decent tread. The colour is called glitter bronze.
IMG_20190214_180143 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

I spent some time trying to recondition the Nardi wheel leather, following the guide on Revlimiter.
IMG_20190203_105335 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

Due to my over eagerness with the leather clear coat, I’ve cocked up the last stage so it’s not quite there, I’ll likely need to redo this at some stage.
Car went in for its MOT in February and passed first time, without a cat since it’s an import. Only advisory being some corrosion on the rear brake lines, that will likely need changed before the next MOT.

Also got round to fitting my MX5MODS carbon fibre rear view mirror, that drastically improves rear visibility over the stock item, as well as some new interior vent rings and LED interior lights.
IMG_20190223_190810 by Scott Reid, on Flickr
IMG_20190223_190845 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

Finally, fitted some LED headlights (7” jeep headlight units), but I’m not quite sure on them and may sell them on, changing for something else (which I’ve now bought but haven’t fitted yet).
I didn’t wire in the outer rings, as I’m not electrically competent yet and wasn’t sure if I was going to keep them.
IMG_20190312_212020 by Scott Reid, on Flickr
IMG_20190312_210644 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

So how it sits for now (the hardtop did come off for summer).
PSX_20190221_220625 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

Also fitted a rear Project-M tow hook, I’ve got the front to go on soon as well.

More to come but I’ll update that in a second post.

Thanks for reading.

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Update: Part 2
So with the car now through a second MOT in my ownership I moved on to start fitting parts that had been accumulated over the winter months. These included an R-Package Lip, that the previous owner has painted in stone chip, and a Project M front tow hook.
IMG_20190628_170707 by Scott Reid, on Flickr
For anyone fitting a splitter, get a friend to help as it took ages, the fit isn’t 100% perfect but it’s solid.
Next up, sourced a set of second hand (see a theme here) Jass Low Pro Headlights from one of the many Facebook groups. These came already fitted with a set of pop up cages so installation should have been simple… wasn’t. Getting the lights to sit at the correct height when both up and down had them in and out multiple times. On the plus side, they’ve been fitted with a decent set of LED bulbs so not all bad news.
IMG_20190627_212337 by Scott Reid, on Flickr
IMG_20190629_180456 by Scott Reid, on Flickr
IMG_20190630_201133 by Scott Reid, on Flickr
Also picked up a replacement boot lid with ducktail, however I’m not 100% sold on it so will try it on and see if it looks better than the current R-Package spoiler.
Other projects lined up are fit a tinted sun-strip, rear bumper cut and fit a set of RevLimiter gauges I’m waiting on being delivered, I’m painting a set of needles to go with these (following the RevLimiter guide).
I’ve also sourced a 99’ BP4W head that I’m going to refresh and install for some cheap N/A power increases.
IMG_20190609_170135 by Scott Reid, on Flickr
Currently it’s stripped down, I’ve to lap the valves then send it for a mild skim.
Thanks for reading.

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Update #3:
In preparation for an upcoming road trip and with heavy rain forecast I thought I’d get the car up in the air for some maintenance/modification, this turned out to be bad timing with some of the hottest weather on record. What was meant to be a weekend of work turned into a 4-week ordeal......”if I’m doing that I may as well do this....and this....and that” escalated.
So what’s been done since the last update, in a sweltering garage, with an out of commission the hottest weather of the year.
Revlimiter “Alpha” gauges fitted with some red needles, following the Revlimiter tutorial, with some white LEDS. I’ve always loved the offset rotation in comparison to stock, quality service was great so I’ll be buying more parts in the future.

IMG-20190706-WA0005 by Scott Reid, on Flickr
IMG_20190706_171723 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

Jass Performance Heavy Duty Frame Rails fitted that were picked up locally, these would have been easy to fit if my frame rails weren’t crushed and my floor pan dented on the passenger side. In conjunction with the roll bar and inner wing stiffeners these have made a huge difference, reducing scuttle shake and rattles drastically, it now takes a bigger bump/undulation to unsettle the car now. I’ll maybe look into some door bars if a set pop up, but I’m in no rush at the minute.

IMG_20190808_202531_614 by Scott Reid, on Flickr
IMG_20190804_172035 by Scott Reid, on Flickr
IMG_20190805_193808 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

After trying out a budget bucket seat to see if it’s a direction I’d like to go in, the stock seats are great but I was having to brace against the door and transmission tunnel. Budget seat bought and test fitted, then sold as it had served its purpose.

IMG_20190721_191315 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

Proceeded to pick up a set of Cobra Clubmans locally that were previously fitted in a classic mini clubman, black vinyl with red piping. They’re in pretty good condition and have since been fitted with some GSM adapter brackets, which seem to come with no fitting instructions.

IMG_20190809_170404 by Scott Reid, on Flickr
IMG_20190809_223200 by Scott Reid, on Flickr
IMG_20190809_201656 by Scott Reid, on Flickr
IMG_20190809_201705 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

First impressions: I think you sit slightly higher but not by much, support when going round a corner is great, no longer need to brace against the door/transmission tunnel. Compared to the other bucket seats I tried these are maybe more road focussed, after doing 6.5 hours in them recently I wasn’t in too much discomfort, certainly no more than the standard seats.
Picked up some Willans 4 point harnesses in black and installed eyebolts so these can be run in conjunction with the standard seatbelts, these haven’t been fitted yet.
I’ve been running an Ebay-special stainless manifold for the last year, due to cutting the stock manifold off due to seized bolts. As far as I can tell it’s just a copy of the stock manifold in stainless steel, short runners into 2” pipe back to the cat area. I found a cheap second hand mx5-Parts 4-2-1 manifold that collects into 2.25” that matches the rest of my existing system.

IMG_20190803_162830 by Scott Reid, on Flickr
IMG_20190814_222326 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

Unfortunately, the change in manifold led to my silenced de-cat (370mm) being too short, so as a quick fix I got an M2 Motorsport unsilenced de-cat (440mm), benefit being that the full exhaust system is now stainless steel. Whilst I was there I also replaced all exhaust hangers with polyurethane.

IMG_20190815_191324 by Scott Reid, on Flickr
Serviced all the oils on the car following the BOFI Racing guide for the diff and gearbox, oils that were replaced had only been in there a year at best, the gearbox turret oil seems to go black fairly quickly as this is the third time I’ve changed it now. Engine oil replaced with fully synth Motul Sport 5W40 from OPIE OILS and a K&N oil filter (handy as it has a hex fitting on the end for fitting/removal).

I’ve since replaced my Uniroyals with some Pilot Sport 3’s on the front, budgets moved to the rear as the excessive camber will chew through them in no time. Next task over the winter is un-seizing all the alignment bolts and fixing the 2 degree camber in the rear, which I think is causing the tendency to understeer when pushed.
Just replaced the door speakers and looking to get a bit more bass so a slimline sub may be fitted if I can decide where to put it. Ideally where the spare wheel used to be as I’ve never used that. I’m also in the process of changing out all exterior bulbs to LED’s, as well as looking into the LED ring mod to the rear lights, I’ll do a comparison once complete.
In bad news it looks like I’m going to need two new sills sooner rather than later (probably before the next MOT) so I’m starting to look into what it’s going to cost. I did consider splitting it and trying that 350Z I’ve always wanted, but I’ve been informed from the wife that that won’t be happening, I’m too invested in this one.
Still plenty work to be done, still flirting with the idea of saving for some forced induction, we’ll see how far that gets, see what’s left after the rust is fixed.
Couple pictures since it’s back on the road.
IMG_20190819_201326 by Scott Reid, on Flickr
#10 (Large) by Scott Reid, on Flickr

Next to my dad’s mk1 TT, he bought it after we finished the mx5 as his next project.
IMG_20190825_135340 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

Thanks for reading.

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Update #4:

After the car passing it's MOT I decided it was time to do something about the alignment, it's had one alignment in my time of ownership and at that time only the front could be adjusted. The rear has always been at a drift friendly 2 degrees, it chews tyres.

I started by trying to loosen them, then snap them, I should have just cut them off, it would have saved a couple hours.

IMG_20200204_222837 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

These are the original D shaped design, I'm guessing they've never been changed. Replaced with the new design with 2 slots and thicker washers. With the car up in the air decided to refresh some of the underside: exhaust heat sheild, 6 point brace, underseal.

IMG_20200211_190652 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

IMG_20200207_180909 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

IMG_20200209_175203 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

IMG_20200211_175232 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

Managed to get a set of void fillers for the diff, should eliminate the axle tramp that I've been experiencing. Unfortunately found some snapped studs in the lower diff mounts, drilled these out and put everything back together.

IMG_20200215_152302 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

Sold my single exit MX5Parts exhaust as it was clashing and rattling off the underside. Been trying to source a replacement, got a dual exit MX5Parts cat-back (top) and a cobalt dual exit back box (bottom).

IMG_20200213_180806 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

Cut the bumper in preparation,

IMG_20200212_201253 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

IMG_20200212_202248 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

IMG_20200212_205258 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

Unfortunately, the cobalt doesn't line up enough with the mid pipe, so I'm in the process of fitting the MX5Parts. Clearance seems to be better than the single exit. I'm getting videos of each setup so will post up a rough comparison. Shame couldn't get the cobalt to fit, but might keep it and try again.
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