Eunos Shop Options Catalog 94.5

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Since this site deals with JDM, I thought I would post a couple of pages from an older eunos NA catalog I have. The text is of course in Japanese, but it gives an idea of what they could get in Japan back in 1994, while we were left out in the cold here in the States. I had orginally wanted to post the whole thing, but I could only post a few, so I picked some of the more intersting stuff....
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Thanks for posting that stuff... Old school JDM is cool..
Shop options= =P~ [-o< =P~ [-o< =P~ [-o<

Hey- I have that Knee-pad box :D!! The black door sill plate looks interesting. Has anyone seen it? (it says stainless steel in the description). I've seen the polished one (made of aluminum) plenty of times, but not the black one. That Barney-purple seat covers look interesting too....
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