Every Miata in South Florida.....

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Whos up for a meet tomorrow night? Im heading over to the tower shops which is in Davie. We have no miata meets and I know that there are some of us in here that live down in the area. So whos up for it?
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If I didn't have to work and my clutch wasn't slipping, I'd be there no sweat :(
Tower shops is great, TONS of really cool cars to see there on Friday nights, and some vendors as well. I used to check it out when i was visiting down there. Very cool, cars. I do remember a handful of Miatas meeting there as well. Not sure what club that was.

Yeah I never see any Miatas. Ive been going with my local rx7club that ive been a part of for years now. Slowly but surely, thats how im getting all the miata guys locally together. I just want anyone here to make it too.
Really? Man i used to see at least 10-15 Miatas every time i went? Maybe the local club has cut back to once a month instead of once per week. Have you tryed to solicit members of the local Miata Club?

i used to go to towers EVERY weekend when I had my camaro and lived down in florida, when I got my integra, I got out of it, but it was still huge fun.
i wish i could get all the local miata guys together
Orlando Roadster is starting to take off, I can't help south Florida is full of JERKS.
So your back with your girlfriend huh Will....

Im glad Orlando roadsters is taking off. I hope it only gets better with time :)
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