Exhaust Cam for an Exhintake

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How much can I sell my exhaust cam that can be used for the exhintake diy. Already drilled and what not. Ready to be dropped in.
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Wait, you drilled the exhaust cam? Why?

You're supposed to cut off the tang, and drill the Exhaust cam SPROCKET.

Please post a pic so we can see how it looks. Thanks!
No I didn't drill the actual cam, I figured people would understand what I meant. It is the gear that is drilled and tangs are cut off.
Is the drilled gear included?

I dunno man, I see gears and cams sold separately all the time. I also wouldn't put it past some guys here (no, i'm not trying to make a dig at you) to drill the cam instead of the gear. :fp:
you can but things wont work right. nbs have s.o.b's where na's have HLAs the ramping on the cams are different.
It works, but the bucket/ shims have to be either A) measured and replaced, or B) swapped from the old motor that the cam was sitting on (ghetto way, works apparently.)

I'd say about $50 - $70, depending on the condition of the cam, and how well the gear was drilled.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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