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As we know the rear sill area of the MX5 is very prone to rust, and its construction is somewhat confusing, so I have taken the time to draw a simple 3d model of the components that make it up, and have created a little animation showing how it all goes together, it is a little crude, but should make it easier for people to understand the construction.

Each part is colour coded to make it more understandable

Blue = Sill end plate, found inside the arch, you can see the hole where the rubber bung normally is

Red = Inner Sill/Box section, you can see this box section from under the car

Green = Inner reinforcement panel

Yellow = Structural sill, this is the section that dives behind the outer wing at the point of the vertical seam that is below the back corner of the door

Purple = Outer Wing/Skin, this is usually where rust is first noticed, but not where it has started, the inner sections are rusting before the outer skin is.

Click on the picture below to open the video (I hope, lol)

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