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Forgot I had these sitting around in my garage. Some of them have clips, might work or might not... easiest thing to do is to reuse your clips off your black inside door handles. These are bolt-on for the 99-00 Miatas, the 01+ require some modding. A quick search on or will give you the answer.

One of the more simple mods to the interior to bring out the boring black or plain beige. If I remember, I'll snap a few pics of my interior doors for reference. Chrome is in good shape, no flaking/chipping on them.

$35 shipped each set

I also have some LED Trunk light mod kits, pretty simple set up. Uses a hood/trunk pin that triggers the LED to come on and off. Mine was wired right to the battery along with an inline fuse to prevent shorting or any problems. I'll provide detailed instructions on how to wire and where to drill the hole along with the kit. They will be wired (soldered) to ensure no loose connections and you can either get a 6" or 3" version of it. The 3" version is really bright, I have one that I used for my cabin dome light and it's bright! My trunk has two 3" pieces and it's an overkill. I'll take some pictures of the kit and with it installed later.

6" kit $30 shipped
3" kit $20 shipped

Please don't hate, if you don't like it just move on. PM me or post on the thread.
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