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Hey Guys i have some stuff to get out of the garage and here is your chance to take it. I'm currently in the process of building a monster miata and i was just released from my job, I'm still a Volunteer firefighter working my hardest to get a job but this money will hold me over til I can hunt down something. So please help me to help you.
Everything is priced with out shipping but I'll make you a very good deal with shipping, I have a fedex shipping account with a hefty discount.
First up I have a set of Panasports for sale. They are 16s, they come with tires 1 flat due to a broken belt I was told, they are toyo t1r 215-40-16 2 of them hold really good tread I'd say 60 or 70 percent tread life left.

looking for 800 obo

Next up a hard dog double hoop polished stainless roll bar with guesset plates and hardware for mounting. Retail is 1045 from bethania I'm asking 600 obo.

Next up is the hood off my 93. IT's been sitting in the back of my garage so its not the cleanest it has overspray on it. this is 100 obo.

Next up the skeletons of the pop up headlights. No motors just the skeleton I'll sell the lights with it but most likely they will be damaged during shipping. 75 obo for the pair
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