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Foothill's Miata Club is having a gathering at Fontana Village October 28-30 2011. We have the following rates for the weekend. Everyone is welcome to attend.

1 Bedroom Willow Cabin $89.00
2BR/1BA Laurel Cabin $110.00
2BR/1BA Hemlock Cabin $110.00
2BR/2BA Azalea Cabin $155.00
Lodge rates are normal price.

Reference Foothills Miata Club 2011.

We all go to MATG each year and wanted to come back when it is cooler and not so crowded. I went up last year around this time with the guys and it was very nice. Little to no traffic, no motorcycles, didn't see any LEO's either. We will have a beer swap, bonfire, a couple of drives to restaurants, and a contest to name the event. The winner gets a very nice prize. We expect this to be a small annual event, so we can enjoy the big gathering in the Summer and a smaller one with less traffic and cooler weather in the Autumn.

PM me if you have any questions.

Ed Smith
Foothills' Miata Club
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