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I'm considering selling my old ITB setup I ran before I installed my supercharger.

Contents are:

-Techno toy tuning AE111/AE101 throttle body adapter
-AE101 Silvertop Throttle bodies
-Techno Toy Tuning Billet 75MM Velocity stacks
-ITG Filter and backing plate
-Golden Eagle Vacuum manifold (needed so you still have power brakes, and enough signal for your standalone if you wanna run a hybrid fuel map and not pure alpha n)

Here's a gopro clip of the sound of the intake -

As I remove parts from the car I will also have a 1.6 10.9:1 compression head with 264/264 cams converted to SUB lifters for additional $$.

Available for pickup in SLC,UT
Willing to ship if paid via PayPal

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