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Some manufactures wont allow us to post a sale price because its just to low. So how do we work around this to help pass the savings on to you? Combos!!

So with the popularity of the FIC injectors that we have seen, We are now going to step it up and offer a, FIC injector and Walbro 255 combo pack!
Shipping not included. Install kits and injector PnP harness are extra

This is the perfect package if you are going turbo, going e85, or are ready to turn up the boost.

FIC injectors and walbro 255
365cc- $369.99
445cc- $377.99
525cc- $369.99
650cc- $369.99
775cc -$404.99
900cc- $442.99
1100cc- $506.99
1680cc- $712.99
2150cc- $772.99

Orders are ready to be shipped!
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