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Most parts are currently at Summit Point. Upon request (and deposit for large items), I'll pick up once a week for local pick up in Vienna VA, Washington DC or Germantown MD. Also, shipping is fine for most items. I won't ship anything that takes two people to carry. PLEASE SEND REPLIES TO ofcrfranksmith AT gmail. Thanks.

Hot Lap Display, Receiver and Cord (no transmitter): $50
New Camera Mount from $15

Go Fast / Stop Fast:
Kumho V700s. Two tires. Race or track day tires. 225/50/15. Used 2 events (almost new). $50 for pair.
Hawk Blues, Brand new in box for 90-93 front. Plus 1/2 used 90-93 rear race pads: $95

OEM parts of particular interest for race or autorcross:
4.3 Torsen Differential $750
1.8 Diff Housing with Diff Mounts: $150
1.8 Driveshaft: $150
1.8 Axles: $125 each ($200/pair)
Torsen Swap Kit (the 4 things listed above) - Everything needed to swap a 1.6 to a Torsen): $1100
MazdaSpeed competition diff mounts (fits 94-05, maybe 90-93): $65
Open Diff. from a '96 with 60k miles (fits 94-05): $125
Open Diff. from a '00 with 33k miles (fits 94-05): $600
Diff Housing from a '90 (fits 90-93): $75
1 Brand New Hub: $75

Miata in a Box -- The Ultimate Spares Kit:
$200/bo. Pics for this package (as of 3/25) at[email protected]/sets/72157629224405129/
Too much to inventory and list. Please don't ask for me to do it. However, I do have pictures. Everything in the group of pictures on the flickr link is included. It's basically everything left from the part out (except items listed above and below). Don't expect to find an engine or transmission in the boxes, but just about everything else that's still good. Keep in mind this was a race car. Partial list (as of 2/11/12): motor mount, gaskets, belts, hoses, radiator, fan, reservoirs, brake booster, tow hooks, plug wires, fuses, liners, seals, shields, interior plastic pieces, power plant frame (ppf), drive shaft, etc etc etc. Literally, a huge pile of extras in boxes. This is a great package for racers, track day participants or home mechanics. Just one of these items can save your race day. Use a couple of these items and you've easily justified the purchase. Or if you only want to buy specific items out of the package, let me know and make an offer.

90 Miata Part Out:
Battery: $50
Dash - Great Condition. Garage Kept: $150
Entire set of matching key cylinders with keys plus (because I'm too lazy to separate) Driver's door, Passenger door, ignition: $175
Instrument Gauge Cluster: $40
Turn Signal Assembly: $50
Passenger Side View Mirror $60
Rear Markers $30
Center Brake Light $15
1.6 Air Box: $20
1.6 MAF: $100
Pedal Assembly: $50
Ignition Switch with key: $40

NA Body Parts:
Front Bumper Cover, Red. Good condition. $150
Front Bumper. Good condition. $75
Rear Bumper Cover, Red. Lots of bumper marks. $100
Rear Bumper Cover, Maroon. Good condition. $125
Rear Bumper. Good condition. $75
Hood, White. Some hail damage. $100
Trunk Lid, White. Some hail damage. $75
Trunk Lid, Red. Bent. Perhaps you can straighten it out. $35
Passenger Fender, White. Some hail damage. Dent in rocker panel. $75
Passenger Fender, Gray. Dent. $75
Passenger Door, Red. $100
Passenger Door, Red. Dent. $75
Driver door, Red. Removable glass. $100

NB Parts:
California Car 1st Catalytic Converter from a 00 with only 55k miles: $100
Center Console from a 00: $75
Tape Deck (was part of Bose system) from NB: $5

Center Caps:
94-97 7-spoke Wheel Center Caps (NOT BBS): $15 for set
99-02 5-spoke Wheel Center Caps: $15 for set
949 Racing 6UL Center Caps: $15 for set

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Unfortunately as much as I like the OP I have to lock this till there are pics of the items. The Miata in a Box has pics but we need photos of everything else.

Forum rules and they are being enforced on everyone.

PM a mod when you have photos and we can unlock it. (photo links to flickr is ok). If you want to lay everything out on the ground and take like 2-3 pics of 20 items at a time that's ok too. :)
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