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that looks awesome =D> ! congrats on the swap and the originality of it too.

if you need someone to do the interior, ill hook you up. i just installed a new black carpet in my car lastnight and it came out great. Ill be posting pics in my na build thread. I live in Pembroke Pines btw.

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why did it take 2 years to do a full days worth of work? (not trying to be an asshole)
I am interested in the swap, if it is cost effective from just boosting the 1.6, which I would imagine the swap being better from the get go. That has all the forged internals no? Does that motor use a MAP sensor? I'm not seeing the MAF, unless you relocated it for a blow through design. Or standalone, you left us in the dark on the whole setup! pretty sweet conversion, now just time to clean it up under there :D

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A lot of people have e-mailed me asking for the motor/turbo set up specs.
1.8 Protege Motor Turbo ? Non GTR version (All Japanese Engines, Miami, FL)
BeGI T3 exhaust manifold with external wastegate
Custom BeGI custom Intercooler with (2) 7.5 inches Spal fans
BeGI Intake Manifold
TiAL 38mm Wastegate venting to atmosphere
Ebay insulation gasket from Precision Motorsports
Miata Link computer
T3/T04 Turbo .48 exhaust side
Greddy Manual Boost Controller
FMII BeGI/Custom Intercooler pipes
Upgraded Intercooler clamps from Turbonetics.
Unorthodox Racing Cam gears (intake cam is slighty retarded)
Flyin Miata Happy Meal Combo
Clutch Type LSD
6speed Tranny (just installed as of 02/02/2007)
3 inch downpipe from Racing Mazda (I bought it from another miata owner.)
3 inch exhaust with Magnaflow mufler
Flying Miata dual feed fuel rail with custom stainless steel lines
550cc RX-7 High Impedance injectors (plug and play to factory harness)
Magnecor 8.5 mm cables.
All water lines have been removed and upgraded to stainless steel lines.
All oil lines have been removed and upgraded to stainless steel lines.
Turbo return line has been upgraded to stainless steel line.
Moss tranny brace to prevent missing gears.
1.8 engine parts (oil pan, 2001 windage tray, motor mounts)
1.6 alternator, water pump pulley, and crank pulley.

What is left to do:

1. Find a set of good drag radial tires.

2. Buy a new carpet

3. Paint the car

4. Alcohol injection

5. Upgrade the oil cooling system.

6. Upgrade the suspension.

and.......Maybe get rid of the A/C
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