finaly some pics, the buddy club seat and rollcage

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the buddy club seat is really flexible. barely a step up from the aluminum ones. But if you have a back brace, then its all good. :) I like the gold cage. good to see it put to work...
Looks good to me, maybe add some padding.

color combo looks good as well.

I find it hard to believe that people put PVC pipes in their cars to fake having a roll cage !!! lol

there a drift crew the permotes drifting on the east cost, if you know drifting then you know chris forsberg,vaughn gitten jr,tony angello,ryan hamton, they started DA, ryan turek is on the team and hes the only new england formula d drifter, so i want to support the locals
what size seat is that, im having alot or truble getting my L in... any suggestions, i have sparco side mounts on stock sliders
Who made that bar? That looks almost like yours Matt.....
Love it, but i could never drive that car w/o a helmet.

Seat FIA certified?
Where did you buy those hardtop permanent latches?
I want a set too.... those are nice.
seats not fia cert, thats why i have a braket to mount the back to the roll bar, so that makes it scca legal, yeah i dont want to drive it mutch longer on the street, i plan on trying in the nopi drift series this year, i gotta pad it too, and add another door bar in x fasion for next year
hes not the only one, i support DA cos ive met chris and hes from pa....and i know the owner of import intelligence who grew up with chris

ohh and btw im Miatadrifterx on Roadsterdrift
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drftroadster where did you get that driftslutz sticker, that would be sick on my car considering my nickname is s.lutz
its my team name... lol its an odd one..but a group of girls goes to events and were the drivers that whore :twisted:
and i know the owner of import intelligence who grew up with chris

ohh and btw im Miatadrifterx on Roadsterdrift
My friends girlfriend's aunties step father knows Gitten sr. Thats why I rock one.

just kidding. cause that would be fucking retarded.
yea.... i dont really care what people think... i know chris and jr...drove with chris at englishtown...i support him cos of living in pa and he rocks a convertible...
21 - 36 of 36 Posts
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