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wow, looks great.

If you sell I hope to it goes to a good home.

Why so many pictures from the rear of the car?

Also, whos induction headlight lid is that?
hmm you know i JUST REALIZED I barely took pix of the front....wierd. I guess I like ass ends :!:
Here is one more of the front but I didnt take anymore head-ons

The headlight was given to me by Joe from Rspeed like 12 years ago before he ever opened the shop. Everybody hates it but it brings back memories so it stayen on the car..unsure of the brand

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pretty flush there. What tire size? and what suspension are you running?
Im running 195's, tien flex coilovers and sportmax wheels 15x8+0 all 4 corners
And thanks everyone!!
According to what I'm reading, those Sport Max 002 Deep Dish do not fit on the Miata as the offset is outside factory parameters. What long term effect will this have? Also, did you have to roll the fender lips?

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there's lots of conversation about wheel offsets here. Not to sound like a pointy, but do a search. ;)

here are the facts:
1. 15x8 in a +0 will sit outside the fender of the car.

2. with stretched tires (195s) and a reasonable amount of camber, people are running them on suspension that is lowered significantly. In order to do so, you need to roll your fenders. In some cases, people are pulling them too.

3. +0 offset changes the scrub radius of your suspension pretty dramatically when compared to +42mm. So these wheels WILL wear out your wheel bearings faster than the stock ones.

4. The car will experience more bumpsteer and tramlining than with the stock set up. Some people claim this is insignificant. Others do not.

5. Running more tire with these wheels will induce interference between the tire and fender without a flare.

Its kind of like arguing religion. Theres not a lot of a point. Some people "get it" and others "don't". A lot of people here are pretty defensive of thier wheel/tire choices.

I personally amy doing something in between. I'm running 15x8s with a +15mm offset. I will be running Yokohama A005's on them in something similar to a 230/45/15. I run Tuckin flares, and I am actually worried about the fronts not having enought clearance.
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