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Version Firestorm revlimiter Gauges

This one was my first unique design for the ND gauge cluster. It's been really popular, so I thought I'd expand it to the other Miatas. The NA got the treatment first.

Anupdate to the Sunstorm gauges with a bit more heat. And, I think, the best red zone design I've done yet.

The tach uses the brightest red ink in my arsenal. It isn't subtle, but what fun is subtle?

If anyone wanted a red speed face to match, that would be an easy custom order.

Night mode is simple and clean. And the white numbers on the tach allow for all 5 gauges to be tinted with a different backlight color if you choose.

Firestorm is in the store for NA Miatas now. NB and NC will follow soon. If you don't wanna wait, you can order for the NB or NC at any time. There's no extra cost to request one of the NA designs for the other clusters.
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