First time painting help!

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ok so I am going to be painting a car for my first time. 93 Mazda 626 it is my sisters car, I have a gravity feed paint gun, a garage, and compressor.

now i know the basics of painting and everything.

but I would like some pointers, tips and what nots.

Also I want to know how to mix the paint, what ratio paint/thinner.

My mom is going to be buying the paint and im doing the labor.

I todl her 1 gallon primer, 1 gallon paint, and a gallon of thinner, and gallon of clear coat (if all goes well I plan on painting my beater also)

I am going to ruff sand the car, then lay 2 coats of primer
lay a coat of paint, wet sand and do again. until I get the color, shine that I am going for.

then on to the clear, wet sand..

I think I have it, but not sure. thanks in advance!
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mix ratio of paint/reducer is brand dependant.... and also dependant on the line of paints you are using within a brand.... It is important that you follow the manufacturers reccomended ratios' for both clearcoat and basecoat.... Also... If it your first time... I might reccomend going with a single stage paint
yea that is what we are doing. basically the paint is faded on this car, it was a florida car. so my sister is like eeew. haha.
well aren't you guys a whole heap of help! haha :)
well ive never painted an entire car before, but ive done my own sideskirts front lip, spoiler, etc... small add-ons. if you know how to paint you will be good, only tip thats worth hearing is take your time on the prep work. if you rush the sanding/primer its gonna look like crap.
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