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blah blah blah yady yady ya. i bought a miata, reside in jersey. some of you may be familiar with the car, it was from long island. i already have my ties to a few members here
phillyb's miata was the one that insprired me to get one before i totalled my speed6.
this is 02semiata's car
bought mysteryskittle's soft top (thanks again)
bought bigx5murf's msm muffler

*dont ask abuot the username. i made it when i had my speed6 and a cocky friend with a gti, i realize i wont be beating anything in the straights anymore.
here's a copy of the thread with mod list

This car is a 6speed with ABS and a LSD.
15x8 6UL with 225 RS-3
hard dog roll bar and door bars
brand new carbotech xp8s all around. Also 949racing brake lines with ATE superblue. I changed the rotors about 2 years ago and still in great shape.
Mazdaspeed motorsport motormounts. energy suspension diff mounts
fat cat coil overs with 450/325 spring rate
new shifter boots you know the ones that always rip
flyinmiata frontsway bar with a MSM rear bar. Also 949 end link all around
I added the front lip side skirts and mud guards. also the gas cap and rear view mirror from a MSM
changed the radio nothing fancy just did it for a iPod hook up.
racing beat intake
and on to the pics as everyone will be asking


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Hai guys! Looks fabulous. Just fabulous! We like to party hard! :fab: :woolery:
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