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* FL Local Sale ONLY! I will meet anywhere from Tampa, FL to Fort Myers, FL *

Make: Bassett
Wheels: Widened D-ring Steelies (lug-centric)
Size: 15" x 8"
Offset: -12
Lug Pattern: 4 x 100

Tires Brand: Continental
Model: ContiProContact (x2) & ContiEcoContact EP (x2)
Size: 175 / 55 R15 77T

Weight (with tire): 33.8 lbs

Alignment Spec (while running these wheels/tires)
Front-left: caster=5.92, camber=-3.86, toe=0.08
Front-right: caster=5.87, camber=-3.77, toe=0.04
Rear-left: camber=-4.30, toe=0.06
Rear-right: camber=-4.31, toe=0.11.

I bought the wheels used a little over a year ago. I've had them on my car for 26,000 miles. My car was aligned (by Jeremy Lowe of Lowe Performance) before the current tires were on these wheels. These wheels are not perfect being that they are widened steelies, I get a bit of vibration at speeds over 70 MPH. There are two different models of Continental Conti tires on the wheels currently.

The ContiProContact's are the oldest two, they have 24,000 total miles on them currently. I had these two tires flipped (due to the camber causing uneven wear) on 12/22/2011. Those two tires have 3,900 miles on them since they were flipped. They were re-balanced after flipping. As you can see in the pictures, these tires have a decent amount of life left, and have 24k miles on them @ 3.8~4.3 negative degrees of camber!

The other two tires are ContiEcoContact EP tires. These were installed on 5/2/2011 and currently have 15,100 miles on them. They have not been flipped yet. Take a look at the pictures below to tell the tread condition.

Additionally, all four wheels have metal valve stems and yellow Mooneyes caps.

I am including 2 H&R 5mm spacers with the wheels. I got them when I purchased them, although I never used them. Also I am including a used 175/55/15 Continental ContiProContact tire that could be used for a temporary spare if needed. See the picture below for the tread condition of this tire.


Everything included in the sale:

The wheels/tires:

Wheel 1:

Wheel 2:

Wheel 3:

Wheel 4:

ContiEcoContact EP Tires (the 2 newer ones):

Note: inside of the tires are towards the inside of the picture

ContiProContact Tires (the 2 older ones):

Note: the inside of this wheel is on the left side, this tire has been flipped

Note: the inside of this wheel is on the right side, this tire has been flipped


Extra tire's tread condition:

Some pictures of them on my 91' Miata:


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why would you run that much camber with that offset
I pulled my fenders as much as I could, in fact too much, and I would still rub. I think you are misunderstanding something?

Now thats a for sale ad! Location, price, detailed description and pictures. Sadly you don't see it all that much these days

Thanks! Yea I'm a bit detailed lol

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Agreed! I don't know if I'd call these widened steelies though, they're just steel wheels.
Oh, I always assumed they were widened since each wheel has a weld bead attaching the center face to the outer rim (which I assumed was in two pieces from being 'widened'). I'm not sure though as I did not buy these new.

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Do you happen to know how much these weigh?
lol I was going to weigh them too, but decided it would probably be overkill for all the other info I included. Tomorrow I will weigh two of them (one each for the different model of tires) and I'll post the results.
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