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Is anyone familiar with a 2004 MSM in Largo/Clearwater? I'm in Orlando and I have a couple cars already lined up to inspect, so I have to decide if I want to squeeze him in.

His name is Mike, it's on his ad anyway so I don't think it's a privacy issue. Said he has receipts, that 30k miles was done by a previous owner at Lakeland Automall (reputable shop from what I heard), he purchased the car at 60k and then flushed everything, did drive belts, and changed valve gaskets himself. It's at 90k miles now. Sounds like everything was done right but not sure if he's experienced as a mechanic, if you know what I mean...

Oh yeah, it has the Flyin Miata intake kit, a bigger intercooler, and a 4 inch catback.

Appreciate it!
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