Flat Four Meet all Welcome to Come

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Thursday Feb 16th, 2012 @7:30pm!

Location: In-N-Out 21620 Valley Blvd City of Industry, CA 91789
Everyone welcomed...

my buddy set up flat four meet for subies all is welcomed
me and couple buddies of mine our gona b in our miatas
wouldnt mind seeing more miatas there that be pretty cool
since i dont think theres going to be a Kinod this week
u guys should come to the flat four meet. Going to be a pretty
cool outcome has been planned well. :mrgreen:

basic rules apply dont make miata look gay!!!!!!
no reving, no burn outs no stupid immature stuff guys
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if anyone dont got nothing to do thats what car meets are for hahah =D hope to see some miatas out there tonight
well 3 miatas went red mazda speed miata a silver one with gv lip on 949 and a blue one with a big sticker on the side of the car
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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