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Hi peeps,

I understand this was discontinued. Anyone know why?

I believe it was quality related!

Also has anyone onhere got one on there car?

The opportunity has arisen to get one but form where i can see the vents are above the cam cover so with it raining allot in the Uk is this gonna cause a problem?

anyway heres the pics of the hood:


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I seem to remember Keith was saying that they were having troubles with their subcontractors, so they decided to discontinue it. It really isn't all that light compared to stock or the FRP one, so it didn't make sense to keep trying to produce and sell a product they didn't believe in.

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Have a look here:

"A common question - what happens with the new hood when it rains? Keith's neighbours are a little worried about him now, but he proved that it has no effect on the car. The sprinkler ran for about 45 minutes and the car started right up"
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