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Finally installed mine. Took about 2 hours or so. Not too hard to do really. With my car I did run into a snag placing the rails according to the instructions. The rear bolt holes lined up with the edge of the rear wall leading to the parcel shelf, making it impossible to put a bolt there. Talked to Keith about it, and he mentioned that a small few had the same issue, but most didn't. No biggie though, as I just slid them forward about an inch.

So far I have only driven the car with the hard top on, but did so on purpose. My top would usually groan under protest when the car was forced to flex. Hardly a peep now, so that tells me its working. =D> Car feels alot more solid. More predictable as well. It also significantly reduced my rearview mirror vibration. I had developed a very fine vibration in the mirror at around 65 mph (imagine that!) that would blur anything behind me. Today, on the way to work, I noticed that it was almost completely eliminated. :mrgreen:

Once the car is washed (hopefully sometime today), I will remove the top to see how it does without. Will post those results soon.
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