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Yep. I'm Yin. Uhh, I'm not too fond of intro posts, so shoot questions if you want.

I do not /yet/ own a Miata. Planning it as my first ride, and as a budget track toy. By origin, I am a Porschephile, but I see the Miata as having loads of potential. That's why I'm buying an NA and taking it from there.

Aside from being generally boring, I like to tinker, research, and repair stuff that has to do with anything mechanical, or electronic. My dad taught me most of what I know, but I am especially obsessive with weapons, cars, and aircraft. Other interests include art and photography, but I've just dipped more into it than ever before thanks to the purchase of a Wacom tablet. Next will be a (my first) camera. I've had some rather fortunate luck lately, so let's hope the Miata is next...

Enough babbling from me--I will continue to stalk silently and suck the information dry of this place for my own selfish needs.

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