Foam transplant :)

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Ok this thing never tried by anyone-at least as far as I know-.

I was modifying the seat for long time...
At first I removed some foam, then a little bit more and more and then I was happy :)
But the leather seat didn't look right :x

So I did my research and I found that every foam is different and there are some numbers that are describing the weight of the foam (for certain volume) and the percentage of the foam that is compressed when a certain weight is applied.

Anyway long story short I found a good (online) seller and I custom ordered a few different sizes of the softest foam available!

This weekend I played around with the seats...
first I placed the foam over the normal foam
It wasn't bad but I was (normally) sitting higher than before since even the softest foam has some density...

So I moved to the next step (and last for a while :)) and I totally removed the foam in the areas that most of the weight is going. Then I cut a similar size piece of the soft foam!
After that I put another bigger piece all around and voila 8)
I was practically sitting one the floor of the car, but hey there was something annoying there!
It's the last of the sew that the bottom of the seat is tied with the rings or with the zip ties.
I removed everything and I placed a small piece of thick foam over this area!
Now I don't feel anything and I still sitting on the floor of the car!
The seat is not so saggy anymore and I'm a happy guy :)

After the Foamectomy of the last millenium we are moving to the Foam transplant for the year 2006 :)

Pics here:
(just press next until the end)
BTW I have a few more pic to upload...
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