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Tachibana-san (ex-M2) published this book (all words in Japanese)
However, if you have a friend overseas that can buy it, you can get him to autograph it and write your name. :mrgreen:

Translated Text said:
Takeshi's Hiroshi Tachibara new publication! The car making, the soul not inserting! ? That, there is no reason which イイモノ how it is possible! The worldwide large hit model, the real parent of the ユーノス roadster, spits high spirits facing toward the unreliable current production side! Because Japan is loved very, spicy message. In all engineers, you cheer from the bottom of Takeshi Hiroshi Tachibara and soul. Author Tachibara insistence does not change former times even now. In order that the author of the stubborness continues, the previous production ' condition of the car which is loved ' leads to the product which is loved the Japanese mono making which strays from world nations, the ま っ questions the way of commodity production is explained as a senior of the "engineer".

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