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Time to put my NB1 up for sale.

The Good:
  • Clean Title
  • Has been repainted
  • 100% Stock engine and exhaust
  • All suspension bushings have been replaced with polyurethane
  • It's a manual rack with a/c
  • Has been converted from manual windows to power windows.
  • Frame rails are still in great shape and only have scratches
  • Rear quarter panels are not cut.

The Bad
  • Not technically 100% legal (exterior wise)
  • Interior is stripped including stereo and speakers
  • Seat isn't on sliders and isn't adjustable height wise and is on the skinny side (5'8"-~6" range seem to be ok)
  • The car is low. Not low enough to not be drivable but low enough to get you stuck on a driveway. (mostly due to body kit)
  • You will get pulled over for the rear plate losing the reflective coating.
  • Hard top latches and strikers are failing

The Ugly
  • Since it is/was my daily, take everywhere car, the paint that was in good condition for about 2 years is now in need of touch up.
  • I do not have any of the stock parts I took off, including hardware.
  • The interior is a half finished project so there is sealer missing and scratches throughout.
  • Has Tein Basis suspension (comes with stock suspension as well so you can swap if need be)
  • The wheels are not perfect. 1 is for sure bent
  • I was planning on dropping the floor pan but I ran out of time and never got around to the stock seat mount spot welds are ground down. you may want to weld them back on. They're holding but I wouldn't trust it to hold in any kind of accident.
  • The Roll bar isn't quite what I wanted..
  • I do not have the seat belts.

The To Do List:
  • Body/Hard Top Seals.
  • Hardtop Brackets or New strikers/Latches
  • Wheels Bearings might be due in the rear.
  • Brakes
  • Wiper Cowl

Things I Am Doing Before Sale:
  • Clutch/Flywheel
  • Timing Belt/Water Pump and associated seals

Q and or A
  • Do you want this? Debatable.
  • Is it a reliable daily driver? Yes
  • Is it a project car? Yes.
  • There is no wipers? No wipers or any of the associated parts.
  • Why sell? I'm old and tired.
  • Why you no get full Gt200 kit? It's NB2 only so I had to improvise.
  • Is a full tank of gas included at the time of sale? No.
  • Can I test drive the car? Maybe.

  • MiataRoadster Short shifter with an RE-Amemiya heavy shift knob
  • Daikei Hub and Nardi Gara steering wheel
  • Jet Stream Clubman front lip, Gt200 rear fender w/ rear louver, and Gt200 side step
  • Garage Vary Aero mirrors, Aero Fenders, and Tail Light panel
  • Carbon Miata Carbon door panels
  • Work Equip CR01R (O-disk) 14x7 +20 185/60r14 Dunlop Direzza zii star spec
  • Energy Suspension Polyurethane control arm bushings
  • Tein Basis with the Tein pillow ball upper mount
  • Cobra Racer Pro with custom mounts
  • Schroth DOT legal harness

Price and Location
  • $8,000 Cash. Please and Thank You.
  • Redwood City, California

Will Update with more current photos later. It still looks like this but these were taken a while ago.

(old picture from installation)

R U ?
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Timing belt/water pump/seals/hoses are done. Going to try to set up a time to get the clutch/flywheel done by the end of the month or beginning of next month.

Forgot to mention that the driver's side side step is cracked/broken. It's still visibly together from far away.. I purchased a new set but they were damaged in shipping (gelcoat cracked off) so there's that. Will also need a new edge seal..maybe. the new set didn't come with any and the body shop didn't want to mess with it just in case it was not reusable. Will have to contact Rev9 Autosport (or jet stream if you have the ability) to see if they can get you a new set.

One Time Price Drop (good for 15 days and after the 15 days are up, the car is no longer for sale)

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