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This is discussion for Forza 4 spec races within this forum and a few other car enthuasist forums.

Race 6 results of the C-class 425 NA miata are posted directly below this post

A summary of what goes on:

-The main race occurs once a week on Sundays at 9pm EST, unless otherwise posted.
-The races are "spec" as in we post all upgrades for the chosen car or cars for that particular race.
-Parts list are usually decided between myself and Zaccarter, we usually strive for a easy to drive car that is well balanced and is fun. We take all feedback from the racers and are not opposed to having other people chose the tunes.
-Upgrades are all the same unless otherwise posted, but the actual tune is up to the racer. Tire pressure, alignment,gearing, downforce, etc is all open.
-The races usually last 25 minutes, so number of laps vary depending on the car and track.
-8-10min warmup session, rolling start with the first lap to get in order. Order is determined by lap-times during warmup. Fastest times start in the back, slowest time in the front.
-Damage is on full simulation!!! We race clean and have only had one large incident where we had to restart the race(lag)

Race schedule:

Road Atlanta // Club Circuit // 11-13 8pm EST | B-Class 500 Honda EK9 Civic - Congrats TPM Hentai 1st Place
Hockenheimring // Short Circuit // 11-20 8pm EST | B-Class 500 Toyota MR-S - Congrats TPM Hentai 1st Place
Infineon // Nascar Circuit // 11-27 8pm EST | A-Class 600 1991 BMW M3 - Congrats BlankCzech 1st Place
Laguna Seca // 12-4 9pm EST | S-Class 700 2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR Congrats Flier129 1st Place
Mugello Autodromo Internazionale // Club Circuit 12-11 9pm EST // A-Class 600 1995 Ferrari F355 Challenge Congrats Flier129 1st place
Maple Valley Raceway // Short Circuit Reverse 12-18 9pm EST // C-Class 425 1994 Mazda MX-5 Miata - Congrats TPM Hentai 1st Place
// 12-25 OFF Happy Holidays - Please see time attack schedule if interested.
// 1-1-12 OFF Happy New Year- Please see time attack schedule if interested.
Twin Ring Motegi // Full Circuit 1-8-12 9pm EST // JGTC GT500 Calsonic Skyline vs. Takata NSX vs. Exxon Supra
Sedona // Club Circuit 1-15-12 9pm EST // Grand Am Series Honda Fit vs. Ford Fiesta vs. Mazda 2

Sometimes we get into the liveries :woolery:

Current list of racers:
screen name = GamerTag

bradley=Mr Reeko(TN)
Bryce=Toler Clan(MT)
Techsalvager=TPM Hentai(MT)
NA6C-Guy=S3 Zyklon(MT)
wheelman13=Blank Czech(TN)
be good=begoodchopshop(CR)
Bob Loblaw=Skirtchaser(CR)
Buy My Stuff=willayfoshizzay(CR)

If you're interested post up your xbox live tag and I'll you to the list. This Sunday's race is a C-class miata on Maple Valley short, the spec parts will be listed tonight. I've personally lapped the car to turn a 44.3xx.

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Race 6

425C Miata MX-5 Official Times:

1.) TPM Hentai - 45.177
2.) Flier129 - 44.579
3.) BangBangJDM - 45.419
4.) Richterat83 - 45.838
5.) Curly2Duz - 45.976
6.) ZacCarter - 46.031
7.) BGEEZY02 - 46.114
8.) Beatles4 - 46.844
9.) Lycanthrope20 - 51.318
10.) BlankCzech - 44.323
11.) Urbanfuturistic - 47.155
12.) GetchiSum - 48.994
13.) A N D R 3 W 92 - DNF
14.) RageDerpin’ - DNF

Almost a full grid which was exciting, unfortunately it also led to some collisions and spins. The miata on the oval track proved to be interesting for sure; most likely this will be the last time we do a track as short as this because there was hardly room to stretch the cars legs out and get in some clean passing. A note to keep in mind also is that this league does race with simulation damage, so hard downshifts from 5th gear to 2nd will cause you to over rev your engine.

There was also some confusion to the flying start but with the track being so short and the new racer’s there wasn’t alot of room to group up. I’ll be making video of all of our flying laps to showcase and give everyone an idea on where to be and when to be there. The fastest of the warmup race will always be at the rear of the pack so they are handicapped and have to work though traffic, new racers will be at the front of the pack, ZacCarter will lead the pace lap and call go at the start finish line. We normally try to keep a pace of 50mph the entire lap; adjust your speed accordingly to get in our starting group as tight as possible.

As soon as the Forza servers come back online the replay will be hosted in my (ZacCarter’s) storefront of last nights race. The last few races are also posted too.

We look forward to next race as follows: Twin Ring Motegi // Full Circuit 1-8-12 9pm EST // JGTC GT500 Calsonic Skyline vs. Takata NSX vs. Exxon Supra

Stay tuned for parts lists and official test and tune schedule times.

Thanks guys! -ZacCarter

TPM Hentai












A N D R 3 W 92


Group shots


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i want in pending i'm home

gt: richterat83

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hopefully i get my new headset by this weekend, my cat ate mine

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So there's no spec tune? With everything adjustable, it isn't very "spec"

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There is a spec Miata tune I can provide that whiteNA put together that's as close to the SCCA Spec build (spring rates are set, but you CAN adjust dampers and tire pressure.

Cause I'm inside the top 400 with your build tuned

The spec setup doesn't allow aero, or race trans or diff so the cars are dead even

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Ah true. You're correct.

But you can't adjust aero or gearing

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Spec parts, the actual tune is open. This is a c-class car, not a SM car.

Leaving the tune open allows for some interesting racing. I had less aero with the e30 we raced and was able to gain on people on the straights.Also leave the tune open to allow for different driving styles and if someone is using a wheel or not.

The next race after the holidays is with the JGTC cars and I have a feeling the tune will be a big part of it being a stable car. We may do a SM car sometime soon :)

Don't forget, tonight at 9pm est!!
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