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Read very carefully, I will not entertain hundreds of questions. Sorry if this ad comes off as hostile but after 11 people flaking I'm sick of it and want this thing gone to someone who can actually use it.

Location of Chassis: Richmond, CA 94801
Pick-up Availability: Tuesday 9am-1pm, Thursday 9am-1pm, Sunday 9am-5pm
If you cannot pick up at one of those times do not even bother asking about it please. Everyone is considered a flaker until they actually show up, I've had 11 people flake on me so far, I am beyond sick of it. Bring a trailer, load it up, be done with it.

I will not remove anything else from the car and you may not do it yourself, take it all or take nothing. Do NOT ask!

Car is already off the books at DMV, use it for what you want off of it and scrap the rest to make some money, I just don't have the heart to do so when it still has good useable parts on it a Miata owner may want/need. I don't have the time to gut it to a bare unibody as I have another parts car to begin work on.

Info on the chassis:
It's exactly that, a chassis. Not a shell, a chassis. No body panels except a busted up hood. It rolls and steers still. Was a 95 C pkg. Has been hit in the front, not rebuildable unless you're extremely motivated and money is no object. Air bags deployed, windshield is broken.

Highlights of what's left on it:
-softop with glass rear window w/defroster
-all steering components even p/s pump and lines
-dash and most internals of it incld. heater core
-a/c components
-various engine bay items like cruise control, fuse box, most of the wiring, etc.
-1 axle I couldn't remove, it's toast from hammering, good for core to trick autozone
-half a front bumper cover
-some other stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting

Do not PM me about this, text or call me: 925 522 1137.
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