Friday 9/1/06 KINOD/Ariel Atom debut shindig @ Garage Woolery

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Mr. Woolery-than hath invitith uth...

"I would like to suggest that this Friday's KINOD meet be held at my house. Maybe I'll be able to give parking lot rides (until someone complains) that night."

Garage Woolery
10131 Shady Point Drive
Whittier, CA
[email protected]

6-9pm then off to In-N-Out on Colima as usual and then a drive

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that was kick ass! congrats dude!! and watch out of that man hole cover on your street! jesus, they need to fix that shtuff!
oh and guys post up some more pics of the car 8)
very cool car, i liked sitting in it, and the pedal placement was awesome.

not too bad of a drive that night either.

the guy in the blue NA seemed to be having some issues though.
why what happened to him?
oh and guys post up some more pics of the car 8)
look in the post I made, has some pics of the car
maybe a link?
he wasnt keeping up very well and he went wayyyy wide in one turn.
that sucks... i just got some tires anyone wanna go for a drive?
1 - 8 of 47 Posts
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