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NA 1.8 Valve Cover
*fits 94-97
*front is cut and shaved smooth. show those pretty cam gears or get a Mahura Cover.
*painted black with white letters
*could use a repaint since there are some scratches
*works just fine. nothing is broken. comes with oil cap

Pictures show condition. Scratches are not deep and can be covered.

Vibrant aluminum race muffler
*$90 plus shipping
*New, unused, and still in box
*Only weighs 1.7 lbs!
*3'' inlet/outlet. 5'' diameter. 14'' long
*T6061 Tig welded aluminum. Straight through design muffler. Very pretty and light
*Here it is on a mazdaspeed miata with only open pipes before the muffler

Polished stainless steel fake catalytic converter

* $30 plus shipping
* Made for 2.5'' piping
* Shiny and looks like a normal magnaflow/aftermarket cat but is actually a straight pipe all the way through
* Will get you past those state inspections that dont actually do emissions.
* 13'' length, 6.5'' width, 4'' height

Stainless steel Ractive muffle
* $45 plus shipping
* Made for 3'' exhausts. Only time I have seen this muffler even online was on a 240sx. I searched for places that sell it, but the only thing I could find was a sponsor on a forum selling them for $180.
* Big muffler, but smaller than the OEM so I'm sure it will fit fine depending on angle
* Polished stainless steel
* 4.5'' tip.
* The same style muffler as in this video - CLICK HERE


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DILDO SHIFT KNOB (Proper+ maybe)
* Purple
* Threaded for miatas. so no spacers needed
* minor cracks or flaws. Never had any problems using it.
* Only anally inserted once, but still smells nice.

Hydra Nemesis 2.5 ECU w/ 550 RC Injectors
* full plug and play Hydra 2.5 set-up from my 2004 MSM
* I bought it off another member 1 year ago and never had it installed because I was afraid it would be difficult, but now that I am selling it I took a closer look and realize how easy it would have been to do. -_-
* Only reason I am selling it is to pay off debt so I can go back to school.
Comes with a street tune that was daily driven, but like with any car can use some fine tuning
* Everything is in original containers and like new condition. $1600 plus shipping

Comes with the following:
* hydra nemesis 2.5 ecu with mount
* hydra wideband sensor (which is already wired in, so you don't have to worry about this)
* the plug and play harness
* rc 550's with plug and play harness
* cd
* instructions
* vacuum line
* serial to usb adapter
* MAF delete tube


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I need them squirters. (injectors) like someone else said, at a crackhead price please :)

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Software to upgrade to a 2.7

No crack head prices. Everything is fairly priced and i am only selling it to pay off my student loan. If it doesnt sell then i will put it on my car....cept the valve wont fit my car :p

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Bump Bump.

Fine no crack head prices do that price shipped om the vibrant
The muffler is already priced $25 below what it cost to buy new. Shipping won't be expensive since I live only 3 hours below you. AND its never been taken out of the box except for pictures. Deal with it :D

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Forgot about my thread. Will be adding some mazdaspeed stuff soon (door panels, rear lip, a-pillar covers, carpet, rear view mirror with mazdaspeed logo, windblock with speakers)

Also lowered price on valve cover.
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