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This is an early build first year Miata with extremely low miles in very good condition. I believe this is a "B" Package car. It is equipped with the leather wrapped steering wheel, power windows, power steering and the limited slip differential. I think the only option its missing are the power mirrors.

This car was purchased new in Chicago by an elderly couple. They drove for 54k miles until they toasted the clutch and didn't want to pay for the replacement, so they let it sit in front of their shop. I found it and towed it home, replaced the clutch, sorted out a few minor issues, and found a set stock wheels for it. I extensively cleaned the whole car and polished out the paint.

The Good:
-57k miles
-A/C works but doesn't blow very well, expected with Miatas
-Heat works extremely well
-Top was replaced recently and holds out water
-Interior is in extremely good condition
-The driver's seat has had a "foamectomy." If you're over 5'8" I would highly recommend sitting in the seat. With some of the foam removed from the back and bottom of the seat you feel like you're actually sitting in the car instead of on it, and the side bolsters are much more effective. If you're of shorter statue, or don't like it, I saved the foam and can help you reinstall it.

The Bad:
-The previous owners never cleaned the drain tubes, causing the dreaded and common "rocker rust." The replacement parts cost $200, if you can do your own bodywork. I'd expect about $500 from a body shop. The damage is not structural and I don't think the rust is spreading. If you're considering this for a track or autocross car I wouldn't bother replacing it
-The rear valence is cracked, also common, and could be repaired with a plastic welder.
-The paint is not original, but it is the original color. It looks perfect from 10ft away. Up close you'll notice some small rock chips on the nose, a few small dings, and drips on each side of the rear bumper. This could be corrected by wetsanding.
-It looks like someone rubbed up against a painted curb with the front right tire. Its got a yellow smear that could probably be cleaned off.
-The driver's window rattles sometimes when going down. It always goes back up though, probably just a little loose in it's track.
-The brakes, well there's technically nothing wrong, but they are just older stock Miata brakes. I would highly recommend replacing the rotors and upgrading the pads.

In general, the car runs and drives incredibly well. The motor is very "happy," quick to rev and smooth at idle. The low mileage is apparent in how the motor sounds and behaves, and the incredible condition of the interior for it's age. Several people have said it's the best condition stock steering wheel they've ever seen on an early NA. If this car was completely perfect. With 57k miles, garage kept with the original paint and no rust, it would easily be worth $5-6000. The early cars have already started to turn up in value as collectors start looking for them. However, this car isn't perfect and I'm fully aware of that. Every issue I'm aware of on the car is listed and described above. If you poke around on eBay and Craigslist and the enthusiast forums, you'll see cars with 150-200k miles, with the original paint and no (showing) rocker rust, are selling between $3-4000. I'm asking $3,750 OBO for This car is currently listed on eBay from 1/07-1/14 and looks like it has drummed up some early interest. Obviously I reserve the right to end the listing anywhere and sell it anywhere that strikes my fancy.

This car is a unique opportunity to pick up a very low mileage, unmolested example of an early NA Miata without the steep cost of entry. As it sits this car as a ton of potential. It could either be a cheap way to get a low mileage motor and solid car for a track/autocross build, or a rewarding investment or project car for someone willing to invest the time and elbow grease into correcting the cosmetic issues.


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