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It's Done!! 05' MazdaSpeed Miata



Model: MazdaSpeed Mx-5
Miles: 57,3xx
Exterior color: Lava Orange Mica
Interior: Black Leather

Price: $13,000

Condition: SPOTLESS, I love this car to death, it was babied ever since I got it, I clean it LITERALLY ONCE A WEEK, It is very well kept, come see for yourself, Oil change ever 2,000 Miles, with royal purple, no junk oil, ADULT DRIVEN, I literally never wanted to sell this car, but I have two cars and I can actually drive my bmw in the winter and summer so it is becoming redundant to keep the Miata, I wish I could keep it, but hey, my loss your gain.

THIS CAR HAS NEVER and I mean NEVER seen snow. So that means no rust.

1.8L Turbo Charged Engine
Front Mount Intercoole
Flyin' Miata Piping
Flyin' Miata Intake
Forge Recirculating Blow Off Valve
Flyin' Miata Boost Controller
Boost gauge mounted in Flyin' Miata Pod
Aftermarket Headunit for better music quality and ipod plug and the Bose one would eat CDs, I still have it if you want it.
BoMeX Sideskirts
Still have OEM tonic cover for top when it is down, in perfect shape.

RUST FREE!!!!!!!!!!!


The only reason I am selling it is because I live in NE Ohio and it is not always the best weather up here, and I would hate to allow rust to take this car. I AM NOT HURTING FOR MONEY, so I'll probably leave it up here until I get the right amount for it.

Why the new Tires and Top?
To tell you the truth, during the summer I was working on a research project at my college and I left my car at home, well apparently some kids don't like me in my town, they took it upon themselves to slash my top and cut my tires! I was only gone for the weekend and that happened, no other damage was done, in my eyes it is a free top and tires because the punks neglected to remember I have cameras on my home, they were then caught and fined accordingly. It was the only weekend I left my car not in my garage because it was filled with parts. Normally I leave my car garaged all day and all night if I'm not driving it and the clinic I work at has covered parking. The car only sees outside from point A to B and back. (for anyone wondering about sun damage or whatever.)

That is also the reason for the new tires I don't do burnouts, autox or track the car at all, so there was really no need for the tires (other than the gash in the sides lol) I have a Spec Miata so I have no need to beat on this one.

Thanks for asking!

Thanks guys,
Text me or call me 330-321-9842 if you want to, or just reply on here

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I'm in Cleveland. Have no need for another Miata but have a friend who is in the market. I passed this along.
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