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SOLD!!!253whp miata, Fender flares, GT2871, highly modified

Clean Title

I have a 1990 Mazda Miata for sale, in USA - Connecticut.

134,xxx miles

All Turbo parts, exhaust parts have less than 1,000 miles
everything else less than 5,000 miles

JDM 1.6L with around 40,000 miles
Flyin miata Link ECU
Knock sensor
1.8 rearend
ACT stage 2 clutch
ARTech stainless manifold
ARTech stainless 3" DP
ARTech stainless 3" exhaust
GT2870 china charger
Stainless oil and water lines
Aluminum 2" cold side IC piping 2.5" hot side
22x9x3 Intercooler
Greddy RS BOV
Tuner Toy Fuel rail
RC 550cc Injectors
Hallman MBC
Godspeed aluminum radiator
3" K&N Intake
Magnecor spark plug wires
Mazdaracing MM

Harddog HCDD roll bar
Racelands NB coil overs
NB top hats
Racing beat hallow swaybars
Racing beat adjustible endlinks
Sportmaxx wheels
BF goodridge g-force T/A wheels

Wizdom front bumper
Wizdom side skirts
Autokonection fender flares
VIS carbon fiber hood
smoked Tail lights
smoked turn signals
Carbon fiber mirrors
Carbon fiber naca duc headlight
OEM Hard top

Sparco rev seat (could use a new cover)
AEM Wide band
SPI boost gauge
SPI oil temp gauge
Flyin miata gauges
Custom shift knob
Jackson racing e-brake handle
Simpson 6 point harness
GT grant steering wheel

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Chris: You are retarded for wanting to trade xxrs for xxrs.......ones located all the way in connecticut.

Miataspeed: always loved your car since I joined years ago. I was just watching your dyno videos the other day.

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If you don't know this car, you haven't been on Miataturbo the last few years.This is a very nice build, and having seen ample video of it underway, I can say it's damn quick too! 'Tis the season to buy Miatas cheaply it appears. Good luck with sale. For those that aren't that familiar with the Miata turbo world, Artech is one guy. His intakes,downpipes and manifolds are like pieces or artwork, or turbo porn, depending on your point of view. As well as being beautiful, they are very well respected in th MT community. China chargers, are as it sounds, a Chinese knockoff of a common American made turbo. No less Miata turbo Guru, Corky Bell, of BEGI has taken to stocking and selling them. Will they last ten years? No, but then if you put $50 aside each month, when the turbo does finally expire, you will have saved enough to buy a genuine Garrett turbo. In the meantime, you got to enjoy a turbo Miata on the cheap!

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I frequent MT but have never seen this.

I REALLY wish I could poo 7k, like stated before this car is well put together.

Harsh reality is that it won't sell here because it isn't slammed :fp:

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I joined mt in 07 or 08 and this guy had the only build that combined the styles or clubroadster and function of mt, which is one reason i have always loved this car
Thanks, that's exactly what I was going for.

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